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Who We Are

Polaris was founded with the simple mission of helping people grow their wealth through wise investing.


Our vision is for every one of our clients to thrive by leading wise, abundant, and generous lives.  To help our clients get there, we've developed a cutting-edge investment process, so that their wealth grows alongside their life experience.  Our propriety investment management and risk assessment processes set us apart from other financial advisory firms.

We care about our clients.  We've chosen the Fiduciary approach to financial advice because we feel that offering commission products has the potential to cloud our judgment and skew our advice.  With us, you won't hear any pitches for life insurance or annuities, because we don't sell them.

Our Founder

R. Alan Sell, CFP® holds degrees in Finance and Latin from the University of Georgia, as well as the Certified Financial Planner® designation.

Alan entered the Financial Planning profession in 2015 and rose quickly through the ranks.  Mentored by a former hedge fund manager, Alan became CCO and lead portfolio manager for a corporate advisory firm in 2018. 


During his tenure as lead portfolio manager, Alan realized that the best way to provide institutional-quality investments to individual investors would be to form his own firm.  Alan has served founders, C-Suite executives, the independently wealthy, and expats around the globe.

Getting Started Is Simple!

First, Schedule an Appointment by clicking below.

Second, we'll work together to craft a financial plan customized to you.

Third, we'll implement your plan by investing to reach your goals.

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