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What We Do

We specialize in managing investments and providing financial planning advice for expats.  We are a Fee-Only advisory firm, which means we don't sell any products other than our advice.  ​


When you work with us, we'll help you put together a portfolio of investments to help you reach your goals. When you need financial advice, you'll work with an advisor who will answer your cross-border financial planning questions and help you stay on track.

Who We Are

Image by Julian Timmerman

First, at Polaris, we pride ourselves on our investment management expertise.  Our proprietary, data-driven investment management and risk assessment processes set us apart from other financial advisory firms.

Secondly, we care about our clients.  We've chosen the Fee-Only approach to investment management because we feel that offering commission products has the potential to cloud our judgment and skew our advice.  With us, you won't hear any pitches for a life insurance policy or annuity product, because we don't sell them.  

Lastly, we're a global investment firm serving global investors.  We understand the complexities of international life, and we're focused on handling the tax and cross-border planning issues unique to investors living abroad.

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