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Investing for Expats

As an Expat, you've got a global perspective.

So do we. 


Not only does it shape how we see investment strategy and financial markets, but it helps us serve our global client base better.

We help investors around the world manage their investments. Put our investment expertise to work for you!

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An International Perspective

For Expats, investing comes with complexities beyond typical investment management. International taxation rules, exchange rates, and cross-cultural financial planning scenarios require an investment advisor dedicated specifically to working with a global clientele. Our expertise lets us serve our clients in ways most advisors can't.

Disciplined Investing

Crafting an investing approach requires time, discipline, and hard work.  We put countless hours into developing our investment strategies so you don't have to.


We believe the effort we put into research is worth it, because it allows us to position our clients in the investments we think have the best chance to succeed.*


 *Polaris Asset Management, LLC does not guarantee any specific level of absolute performance or performance relative to any benchmark.  Investing involves risk, and investments may lose value.

What People Are Saying

Rather than pick and choose the reviews we think you'll want to see, we encourage you to see everything people are saying about us. Head over to our Google page, and you'll see every review posted there.

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